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Fishnet Flix: A Costume Design Podcast

Aug 24, 2020

What if you woke up one day...and were suddenly 30 and a "big time magazine editor" in New York City?! Yes, we're talking about 13 Going on 30, the 2004 fantasy rom-com starring Jennifer Garner, and we have a special guest, the writer and author of Layoverland, Gabby Noone! We discuss the movie's tiny designer bags, statement necklaces, Blaire's vintage CBGB shirt, and the movie's missed opportunity for a wardrobe montage. Plus, outfits to die in, fashion trends "being on pause" because of COVID, and a compelling argument for a Pucci comeback. Costumes by Susie DeSanto!

Show notes:

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Buy Layoverland at your local indie bookstore (or Amazon).

Christa B. Allen (young Jenna Rink) recreates the movie's scenes on TikTok

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