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Makeover Montage: A Fashion in Film Podcast

Apr 20, 2021

It’s finally here! The most popular listener request: My Cousin Vinny! We got so many requests for this movie over the years, we had to give it to the Fishies! This 1992 comedy stars Joe Pesci as a lawyer from Brooklyn who tries to help two “yutes” when they get accused for murder in tha South. We get why you wanted us to do this one. THE LOOKS ARE ALIVE! Marisa Tomei’s outfits are poppin’ in every scene. However, let's not sleep on Mista Gambini himself — he’s got some good ones too! Hello, gothic cowboy daddy! We discuss Her iconic floral jumpsuit, pink Sony Cybershot cameras, Britney Spears’s favorite cheesy grits...Pet Semetary 2 (again), and more. Costumes by Carol Wood. 

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