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Makeover Montage: A Fashion in Film Podcast

Feb 1, 2021

We’re kicking off Valentine’s month with the moment we’ve all been waiting for, an episode on True Romance, the 1993 Tarantino-scripted, Tony Scott-directed film about a comic book nerd and a call girl who fall in love and go on the run. Yes, we see Gary Oldman with his locs, leopard print robe, and Jamaican patois, but Patricia Arquette rocks Every. Single. Damn. Look. as Alabama Worley. The cute, quirky, fun, and timeless costumes are by Susan Becker (The Lost Boys! Father of the Bride!). We also get into a lot of fun tidbits about the movie, try to guess Alabama’s zodiac sign, and uncover some exciting news about that heart jacket we talked about in our past episode on Jennifer’s Body.

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Episode Notes:

Safari Inn in Burbank

True Romance Fest

The True Romance Cadillac

The original ending 

Hustler x Playful Promises

Marie’s cow print earrings from Shop Purple Banana 

Shop Naclo 

The True Romance Crew Jacket