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Fishnet Flix: A Costume Design Podcast

Jan 29, 2021

You know we couldn’t end Keanuary without Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure! While this 1989 movie may not be known for its costumes (especially as it takes place over just one day) the Bill and Ted look is easily recognizable, fun, and dare we say, relevant? The cropped sweatshirt look is definitely in these days, hello, Bill S. Preston, Esquire. Costumes are by Jill M. Ohanneson (Six Feet Under, Revenge, Preacher).

In this episode, we talk about how a fashion historian uses the brief Beethoven scene as a benchmark for all Regency-era movies and debate whether or not teens still use binders. Also, Blaire realizes she’s never seen the 1993 erotic thriller, Sliver.

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Episode notes:

The Bill & Ted test 

Playboy x Missguided