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Fishnet Flix: A Costume Design Podcast

Apr 8, 2022

We're joined by Melissa Walker, costume designer for Pen15 and Dollface Season 2! We discuss her inspo and mood boards for all of Pen15's cringe-nostalgic Y2K looks, the evolution of the Dollface girls' personal style, and how the socio-economic nuance is subtly displayed throughout the wardrobes of both of her shows' characters. Melissa also talks about Land That Look, which helps costume designers create their own lines inspired by the work they do in film and TV, and how she prioritizes spotlighting small brands and indie designers in her work, plus, she drops a ton of insight into the costume design world. A must-listen for Pen15 and Dollface fans, and anyone interested or wanting to break into costume design. Tune in now, baby! 
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