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Fishnet Flix: A Costume Design Podcast

Jan 11, 2021

It’s Keanuary! For our foray into the new year, we’re kicking things off with an entire month dedicated to forever hunk Keanu Reeves! Our first episode is on Johnny Mnemonic, a ‘90s cyberpunk thriller that takes place in the future, aka January 2021, during a time when a plague ravaged the world. Very surreal. In this ep, we also discover a treasure trove of movie costumes to purchase online and talk about all of the shows we’re watching and looking forward to this year. Costumes are by Olga Dimitrov.

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Episode notes:

Keanu's work with children's charities

The good and bad of cyberpunk fashion in film 


The Wilds

Cobra Kai


Dollface Season 2

Sex and the City limited series / Xtina would make a grerat Samantha Jones

You Season 3

Blaire will NOT watch Emily in Paris 

Anya Taylor-Joy kept the costumes from Queen's Gambit

Buying Jayne Mansfield's old nightgown

Blaire's digital notebook

Marie's custom planner

Keri Hilson 

Planet Hollywood Collectibles Storefront

This weird hair jacket from The Nanny (update: confirmed via Brenda Cooper; it's not one of her designs)